Getting Started with Workforce Analytics for Healthcare

Eight Proven Tips to Drive Implementation Success

Get best-practice tips for a smooth, effective Kronos® Workforce Analytics™ for Healthcare implementation that delivers rapid return on investment.

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Business intelligence solutions like Workforce Analytics for Healthcare have become essential tools for improving financial and operational performance — especially for today’s value-driven health systems. Yet industry experts have found that the vast majority of business intelligence projects fail to yield the expected results. Why? A successful business intelligence solution implementation requires a strong commitment from key stakeholders — from senior executives to frontline managers — as well are rigorous strategic planning, clear communications, proper governance, and ongoing advancement to mitigate risk and accelerate time to value.

Read this guide for practical advice to help avoid common pitfalls and drive implementation success:

  • Identify and align resources required to gather critical input, ensure timely, informed decision making, and drive solution acceptance enterprisewide
  • Understand the data standardization and technical integration considerations required to successfully labor cost management across your health system
  • Establish roles and processes for ongoing assessment an and continued advancement of your business intelligence solution

Download this best practice guide to learn proactive steps you can take to help ensure Workforce Analytics for Healthcare supports evidence-based decision making for effective labor cost manamgent and high-quality, value-driven care.