Payroll is an increasingly complex process. Learn how an automated workforce solution can handle payroll complexity and ensure accurate paychecks.

Receiving a perfect paycheck is vitally important to employees, but only a fraction of payroll professionals believe the paychecks they issue for hourly workers perfectly represent the hours worked and the pay due. Even though the payroll process — and compliance — is growing more complicated, many hourly employees are still inputting their hours on paper timesheets, creating potential for error.

Getting Payroll Right May Be Every Company’s Most Important Job

In this article, learn the implications for companies when they don’t have reliable payroll processes that deliver accurate paychecks and what companies can do to rectify this issue:

  • Paycheck errors can negatively impact employee engagement
  • Nearly half of U.S. employees will look for a new job after having two problems with their paycheck
  • An automated payroll solution enables managers to review employee time daily and manage by exception, increasing payroll accuracy and saving manager and payroll staff time
  • Email alerts and a robust workflow can identify payroll issues before they become trends

Download this informative article to learn more about the impact of payroll errors and the advantages of using an automated Kronos® workforce management solution to create perfect paychecks.

“Employees know they’re coming to work at an organization that takes paying them accurately very seriously. They feel good about this and so do we.”

Paul Mantell, VP Human Resources
YMCA of Greater Boston