Get Payroll Moving at the Speed of Business examines how payroll can make a solid case for new technology to keep pace with the business world today.

In business, new technologies help us connect and collaborate with unprecedented depth and speed. But this demands more from the entire organization. So why does it seem as if payroll isn't on board? With the need for businesses to make faster and more frequent decisions, payroll departments need to step up their efforts to support organizational goals with more accurate and efficient processes. And the most effective way to achieve this is through modern payroll technology.

The benefits of modern payroll technology

Recent research suggests that outdated manual processes and use of legacy solutions can limit a payroll department's ability to track and report key performance indicators (KPIs) — making them unable to build a convincing case to business leaders for obtaining the up-to-date digital solutions they need to keep pace with today's speed of business. To make that case successfully, payroll must address such critical issues as:

  • Processing work with slow legacy systems that can't keep up with volume
  • Cutting process corners that could jeopardize compliance with wage and hour laws
  • Paycheck errors that negatively affect employee engagement
  • The inability to track payroll KPIs

Download this piece to learn how to build a case for modern payroll technology — and why today's organizations can't afford for payroll to NOT keep up with the speed of the business.