How we work is evolving, so workforce management technology must evolve too. Learn how Workforce Dimensions™ from Kronos® delivers innovations in WFM.

Prepare Yourself for the Future of Workforce Management,” a report by Gartner, suggests that leaders responsible for transforming WFM should work collaboratively across their organization to ensure their workforce management technology reflects the needs of all employees. Learn about Gartner’s conclusions and how Workforce Dimensions is at the forefront in WFM technology innovations.

The Future of Workforce Technology

Employee Experience:
Gartner says: “It is not enough for a schedule to be optimal only from a business standpoint.”
Workforce Dimensions: Collaborative scheduling and using artificial intelligence (AI) to create schedules based on employee preferences increases employee engagement and schedule quality.

Manager Experience:
Gartner says: “Automation can speed up this process by not only providing a list of the most suitable candidates, but also deciding which are most suitable and generating a message to send to the employees.”
Workforce Dimensions: Real-time access to workforce and operational data and timely notifications help managers proactively manage employees and take corrective measures.

New Platforms:
Gartner says:“The new platforms will be cloud-native, mobile-native, and real-time data driven, have in-memory data processing for faster operating speeds, will be constantly updated with new innovative functionality, and will be easy to extend and integrate with other systems.”
Workforce Dimensions: With a robust API and integration framework, Workforce Dimensions offers unmatched extensibility and easy integration with other systems.

Visual Assistants:
Gartner says: “Virtual Assistants (VAs) present a new approach for workers and managers to interact and engage with a WFM application.”
Workforce Dimensions: Using data science, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, Workforce Dimensions provides guidance for routine decisions, freeing up managers to focus on engaging employees and improving operations.

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