The Future of Work in Healthcare Analyst Report

Future technologies are transforming how clinicians and staff serve their communities.

These five takeaways from the Future of Work in Healthcare webinar speak to how technology is influencing the workplace and the workforce.

In the Future of Work in Healthcare webinar, Nanne Finis, chief nurse executive at Kronos, and Regina Corso, president and founder of Regina Corso Consulting, discussed the state of digital transformation in healthcare. These leaders provided their insights, which can be distilled down to these five takeaways:

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  1. Healthcare organizations need to emphasize their focus on the employee experience
  2. Maturing digital transformation and the use of data and analytics is a vital part of a valuable workplace
  3. In the study by The Workforce Institute at Kronos, researchers found that while competitive pay is important, respondents put more value in a devoted employer and a positive workplace culture
  4. New technology for your healthcare organization will significantly improve the digital employee experience
  5. The future of work depends on nurses, human resource executives, and hospital IT leaders working for an employer of choice

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