Innovate on all sides of the business to maintain your margins, your workforce and your share of consumers' wallets. Learn how Kronos workforce management solutions can help.

The grocery industry is changing faster than ever before. In just the last few years, several stores have filed for bankruptcy while new ones have entered the market. Fierce competition, emerging technologies, and changes in shopper behaviors and tastes have left grocers with deflated margins, and the need to deliver flawlessly across multiple channels.

The Future of Grocery White Paper

For consumers the best of both worlds has arrived. They can shop online and in store, pick up curbside or have their groceries delivered. New cashier-less technology, cutting-edge apps, and mobile payments are helping retailers compete. Going forward grocers will need to continue to surprise and delight customers, and they will need an energetic, agile workforce to do it. Automating routine tasks and offering flexible scheduling can help grocers build the workforce they need now and in the future.

New technology can help grocers:

  • Use data to build loyalty
  • Train employees to handle holiday crowds and more
  • Determine price elasticity
  • Measure how well promotions perform

Download this white paper to learn how Kronos can help you become a grocery retailer of the future.