Simplify the tracking and management of your most critical labor information with Kronos’ FlexTTE solution.

Flex TTE Datasheet

Are you struggling with reporting and managing labor hours and labor distribution information? Do you have a hard time keeping track of projects — where they stand, how much time has been allocated to them, what type of materials have been used, the employees working on the project, or their individual time investments? Implement Kronos’ FlexTTE data collection solution today, and you’ll have a powerful, easy-to-use tool that can simplify the tracking and management of your organization’s critical labor information.

Tracking project and labor information is simplified with the easy-to-use FlexTTE solution. FlexTTE is a highly configurable data collection system for tracking projects and specific activities associated with a project or task. FlexTTE lets you create your own time collection application, based on your organization’s needs, so you can collect and leverage an extensive amount of data. When used as an information-gathering system, FlexTTE can track data in many different ways to meet your specific needs.


  • Powerful, configurable project tracking
  • Flexible data collection
  • Ease of use for peace of mind

This datasheet also includes TTE 5.2 system requirements and TTE ServerSide 5.2 system requirements.

For more information on how the FlexTTE solution can help your organization, please contact your Kronos sales representative.