Executive Operational Assessment Datasheet

Create the foundation for a successful workforce management program

It’s important that your workforce management program supports your evolving business objectives. This ongoing alignment will enable you to optimize your most valuable asset — your workforce — for a sustained competitive advantage.

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The Executive Operational Assessment can help. This Kronos  Advisory Services engagement is designed to assess the current and future state of your workforce management program to help ensure it supports your goals — today and in the future. Our team of strategic advisors gathers information and applies industry best practices to develop a strategic vision for a workforce management program that aligns with your business strategy. In addition, they leverage years of industry experience to identify key opportunities, challenges, and risks, and make expert recommendations for improving your workforce management program so it delivers even greater value.

Key Benefits

  • ASSESS AND UNDERSTAND the current and future state of your workforce management program
  • BENCHMARK your workforce management systems and processes against industry best practices
  • IDENTIFY RISKS AND CHALLENGES and uncover opportunities for improvement
  • DEVELOP A STRATEGIC VISION for workforce management that aligns with evolving business goals
  • RECEIVE EXPERT GUIDANCE for deriving greater value from your workforce management system
  • PARTNER WITH KRONOS to lay the foundation for sustained workforce management effectiveness

Download this datasheet to learn about scope and approach, typical duration, engagement deliverables, and client participation.