This study provides evidence that the use of staff-scheduling technology has a positive impact on both the healthcare employee and the organization.

Evidence Supports the Positive Impact of Automated Staff-Scheduling Technology in Healthcare

Research conducted by the Workforce Institute provides evidence that automated staff-scheduling technology in healthcare has a positive impact on both the employee and the organization. </p><p>Employees of healthcare organizations using staff-scheduling technology reported increased job satisfaction, decreased work-family conflict, and decreased stress. The organizations experienced improvements in operational efficiency, increased confidence of compliance with regulatory requirements and union contracts, and greater visibility into labor resource allocation in light of variable workloads.  </p><p>This white paper outlines the current scheduling challenges in healthcare today. It also shows that automated staff-scheduling technology is not only an effective solution to scheduling challenges, it also helps organizations improve employee recruiting, engagement, and retention, while simultaneously improving operational efficiency and more rigorously managing its greatest asset and expense — labor.