After watching this webinar, you’ll be well-prepared to navigate the crowded workforce management software landscape and choose a solution that best fits the needs of your organization and people.

Are your workforce management methods dated? When selecting the right technology solution there are many important factors to consider. This webinar will guide you through the selection process, identifying the not-so-obvious criteria to consider as you compare solutions. You’ll also learn why Kronos technology recently earned the top spot on the recent Ventana Research Workforce Management Value Index.

Evaluating Next Generation Workforce Management Technology webinar replay

Join Steve Goldberg, VP and Research Director at Ventana Research and Chris Mullen, Director of Strategic Advisory at Kronos for an in-depth discussion covering:

  • Solution capabilities designed to bring your workforce management and human capital management processes fully into the digital age
  • What to consider in selecting a WFM system, the obvious and not-so-obvious
  • How the right workforce solution can help you deliver a superior employee experience that boosts productivity, mitigates compliance risks, and improves organizational agility
  • The cloud-only future of workforce technology
  • How AI is making a difference today, and what the future holds
  • Your questions about the cloud-only future of workforce technology and so much more

Watch the webinar now to build the confidence you need to make an informed, future-facing choice for your workforce management software.