In light of recent high-profile accidents, energy and resources companies are renewing focus on improving the safety of their work environments. Accidents can violate industry-specific health and safety regulations, are extremely costly, and may have a negative impact on the environment. 

Create a Safer Work Environment (Energy Industry Spotlight)

Kronos for Energy automates workforce management policies designed to help create a safer workforce and provides tools to help meet regulatory record-keeping requirements in the oil and gas, mining, and utility sectors.

Accidents can lead to high costs for energy and resources companies. The costs start with the risk of substantial fines and penalties. But regulatory penalties are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the financial implications of an accident. Energy and resources companies face the risk of lawsuits and associated legal expenses, increased worker compensation insurance premiums, and medical expenses. If materials and equipment are damaged, companies must purchase replacements.  

Kronos for Energy automates workforce management policies that help improve workplace safety and meet documentation requirements for regulatory compliance. With Kronos workforce management solutions, energy and resources companies can:

CREATE A SAFER WORKFORCE by automating the enforcement of policies for hiring, scheduling, tracking employee training, and documenting safety incidents

MAINTAIN COMPLIANCE with tools to help meet industry-specific regulatory record-keeping requirements