End the Administrative Burden of Onboarding Infographic

The End the Administrative Burden of Onboarding infographic is a valuable overview of onboarding opportunities and solutions.

More about this infographic

Top organizations see onboarding as way to retain high performers, reduce time to proficiency, and increase engagement. But many onboarding stakeholders (HR, hiring manager, and the new hire) are too weighed down with administrative tasks to focus on high-impact onboarding activities that drive positive business outcomes.

This infographic explores the issues organizations face as determined by the recent Human Capital Institute/Kronos® research report on onboarding. It also offers ways to simplify your onboarding strategy and recommendations for ensuring the success of new hires. You’ll read how:

  • According to the study, 76 percent of survey respondents said their onboarding practices are underutilized1
  • Streamlining onboarding using the 3 P’s approach (paperwork, people, and performance) can ensure a more efficient process
  • Building onboarding teams, enhancing consistency and personalization, and empowering new hires with HR technology can aid in success

Download this infographic for a top-level view of how to end the administrative burden of onboarding.