Ventana Research analyzes the evolving role of modern workforce management technology and effective ways to select workforce management applications.

Employee engagement and the improvement of its associated metrics have been a focus of HR executives for years, but a broader approach is now emerging. This new, more impactful vision builds around the central goal of delivering a superior employee experience, which goes beyond traditional engagement efforts like incentive programs, office perks, and team-building exercises.

The Employee Experience Train Keeps Rolling Research Report

HCM technology, including today’s modern workforce management software, is an increasingly important element in the employee experience conversation. This software now makes it possible to:

  • Forecast workloads
  • Schedule work in a way that balances the needs of the organization and its employees
  • Personalize the employee experience in the areas of recruiting, onboarding, learning management, rewards and recognition, and coaching

When evaluating workforce management software, Ventana Research found that organizations named usability, reliability, functionality, and manageability to be the most important qualities considered when choosing a workforce management system.