The best workforce is an engaged workforce — employees who feel emotionally connected to the organization and who are willing to put in discretionary effort voluntarily, as a natural manifestation of their commitment to their jobs. Your challenge is to find creative new ways to nurture and sustain this level of engagement in a workforce that may have as many as five generations working side by side — Silent Generation, Baby Boomers, Gen X, Millennials, and Gen Z.

Employee Engagement: Against All Odds

According to a recent survey, only 13 percent of all employees worldwide today are engaged in their jobs — an alarming statistic given the importance of the workforce in fueling growth and meeting other key enterprise goals. Employees are typically an organization’s most vital (and expensive) asset, and when they are disengaged and/or disenfranchised, the ripple effects across the business can impact your profitability and branding.

Engaging and inspiring a multigenerational workforce is a challenge today — but human capital management technology tools can make it easier to meet the evolving needs of a diverse workforce. 

Start with eight areas where HCM process improvement can enhance employee engagement, from promoting leadership to empowering employees to make a difference.  Learn how HCM tools can help you create a top-notch work environment that makes all employees feel valued, empowered, and engaged, which benefits the entire organization.