Gain the visibility you need into time and attendance to prevent your employees from successfully gaming the system to their advantage.

Time fraud and system gaming occur every time an employee accepts pay for time they haven’t actually worked. Sometimes it’s accidental, but sometimes, it’s not. Infractions can include fudging timesheets, buddy punching, rounding up, and staying a little later to get another full hour of pay. The key to preventing these costly activities is to put best practices and solutions in place for identifying and managing irregularities.

Employee Data Visibility

A Kronos® workforce solution can help you gain control by:

  • Providing you with real-time visibility into employee hours to better spot and manage exceptions
  • Enabling exceptions in real time for missed or late punches, absences, when employees work outside of their assigned shifts, and more for streamlined time and attendance management
  • Facilitating collaboration with email alerts and robust workflows that flag timekeeping and records issues before they become larger problems

Download this informative fact sheet to see the real-world costs of time fraud and system gaming — and how Kronos can help you prevent and manage them.