Spot the signs of burnout and manage them proactively. Learn how Kronos workforce management solutions can help.

Burnout is the biggest threat to the retail industry. In a recent survey, Kronos® found that 95 percent of survey respondents admit it is sabotaging their workforce. Survey respondents identified unfair compensation, unreasonable workload, and poor manager/management as the top issues contributing to burnout. Associates are being given too many responsibilities and store managers are being asked to do more than ever. Many retailers react to burnout instead of pre-emptive measures in place, creating a never-ending cycle of churn and burn.

Survey Brief: The Employee Burnout Crisis

With Kronos solutions, retailers take advantage of a wide range of tools and advanced analytics to effectively manage burnout, including:

  • Effective ways to track and manage absenteeism
  • Advanced forecasting to prevent over-and-under scheduling
  • Innovative self-service scheduling that give employees control

Organizations with automated vs. manual scheduling are 1.8 times more likely to have lower than average turnover rates. Organizations with consistent scheduling are also 174 percent more likely to have a highly engaged workforce.

More than 1,000 retail organizations use Kronos to empower employees and drive better business results. Download this survey brief to learn why Kronos workforce management solution may be right for you.