Continuing the conversation started in its 2010 book Creating the Workforce— and Results—You Seek, The Workforce Institute at Kronos discusses in Elements of Successful Organizations how leaders in organizations can improve their bottom line while creating a collaborative and engaged culture for their employees.

Elements of Successful Organizations

Written by some of today’s most respected thought leaders in business, academia, and journalism, Elements of Successful Organizations taps into professional experiences, research, and lessons learned—delivering actionable steps, advice, and best practice approaches for achieving success in public and private organizations of all sizes. 

A rich collection of eye-opening articles focused on how to invest in employees for competitive advantage and drive workplace capabilities for effective execution, this book also offers ways to create empowered work cultures of engaged employees that support, encourage, and build organizational success.

“There is an art and a science to building a successful organization—and this book captures the essence of both. The content is abundant, useful, and actionable.” — Nick Bontis, PhD, Director, Institute for Intellectual Capital Research

“My experience in the business world and academia supports this book’s view that there are three defining elements needed for any organization to deliver value and have long-term success. This is an insightful and engaging book for anyone setting vision and making organizational decisions today—and for those preparing to be future business leaders.”   — Mike Boyd, PhD, Professor, Bentley University and Stonehill College