Get your project off to a strong start by empowering your team and end-users with the training and information they need to be successful:

Educational Services with Workforce Talent Acquisition
  • Individualized, role-based learning that prepares your project team for implementation to ensure you are up and running as quickly as possible
  • Comprehensive end-user training to increase user adoption and drive early success
  • Ongoing education to help ensure that your Kronos solution keeps delivering value over time — even as you add employees and/or new features/functions

Kronos® Workforce Talent Acquisition Educational Services provides a blended learning approach that incorporates the curriculum and delivery channels that are just right for your organization. Choose from traditional on-site courses or go online for virtual courses.

Not sure which training is most suitable?

We’ll conduct a needs assessment and tailor an education plan to meet your requirements. Our consultants can recommend the most appropriate learning approach for your organization.

Developing a training program that works for your organization

When it comes to training, a one-size-fits-all solution doesn’t always work. Learn how you can maximize the results of your Kronos training with an education needs assessment. As part of this assessment, Kronos education consultants will engage with you to:

  • Review the targeted employee groups
  • Examine user job functions, assigned tasks, and skill levels
  • Analyze your organization’s culture and established workflow

Download to read how the Kronos Workforce Talent Acquisition solution caters specifically to the challenges faced by your hiring managers and recruiters while ensuring that your candidates enjoy the most efficient, seamless, and favorable experience possible.