Traditional human capital management products focus on salaried employees. HCM strategies and tools should engage and retain the entire workforce.

The hourly workforce is growing. Hourly employees represent nearly 60 percent of the U.S. workforce1 and 80 percent of all new hires annually.2 But HCM solutions typically have been geared to salaried workers with regular schedules, not the vast range of hourly workers now in the workforce who deserve to fully participate in talent management initiatives, making them feel like valued members of the organization.

Engaging Your Entire Workforce

Learn how Kronos HCM technology helps organizations deliver an employee experience to both hourly and salaried workers, fostering growth, development, and empowerment while providing transparency and flexibility.

Using this end-to-end HCM technology, organizations are making employees across the board feel valued and engaged:

  • Employees give and receive ongoing feedback in the talent management system and have a voice in the work experience
  • Workers manage their personal information and benefits selection online in the automated HR system
  • Collection of work environment data and surveys of employee attitudes support the importance of employee feedback
  • Visibility and transparency of time and attendance information engender fairness and allow scheduling flexibility

Download this informative Kronos eBook to discover how you can use HCM technology to attract, engage, and retain your entire workforce, from salaried employees to hourly and frontline workers.

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