East Fork Fire Protection District Infographic

Before and after Kronos.

Manual payroll and scheduling processes ate up valuable time in the East Fork Fire Protection District. In this infographic, learn how automated Kronos® solutions have streamlined workforce management processes, delivering significant payroll and scheduling time savings.

More about this infographic

In this before-and-after look at how East Fork Fire Protection District in Nevada handled payroll and scheduling, discover how the district has been able to simplify processes and save time, including:

  • A 66% reduction in payroll processing time
  • Automated schedule updates that took weeks of analysis and approvals before
  • Streamlined position, shift, vacation, and overtime bidding

Download this infographic to learn about the efficiencies the fire district is experiencing. Also view the East Fork Fire Protection District case study for a detailed look at how cloud-based Kronos scheduling and human capital management solutions supported the organization’s seamless transition to being an independent fire district.

“As with all disasters, public safety agencies see a dramatic uptick in response and community involvement, and the Covid-19 outbreak is no different. Configuration between Workforce TeleStaff™ and Workforce Ready® is now much more convenient to take on.”

Troy Valenzuela, Battalion Chief
East Fork Fire Protection District