For years, HR organizations have been working to improve efficiencies by implementing programs focused on better systems and processes — but today’s HR landscape is more complex. Since there are now more dispersed global organizations and an evolving employee-employer relationship, there is also a need for more advanced HR technologies and initiatives that directly support an organization’s overall strategic business goals.

So, how do you effectively hire, manage, and develop your workforce? What are the key trends impacting global HR transformation? How will best-in-class companies proactively adapt their HR strategies to achieve success?

Drive Successful HR Transformation Initiatives and Manage Tomorrow’s Talent

Key webinar takeaways:

  • Best practice advice from leading HR Transformation consultants and industry experts
  • Insight into on how HR leaders are redesigning the employee experience and more effectively driving engagement through new technologies and people analytics tools
  • Guidance on why workforce management should be part of your HR Transformation and ways to create a standardized and centralized 360° view of your operations