This is the fifth webinar in the HR technology-focused series showcasing thought leaders with insights for integrating technology into their HR strategy.

This webinar series highlights the effective uses of HR technology, best practices for setting-up HR technology in your organization, strategies for identifying a best-fit HR technology system and change management for HR technology.

Drive Company Value with an HR Application Network

As HR professionals become more technologically proficient, we have the capability to implement new, more efficient systems. With an HR application network, we can enable work and increase the value of our company's output.

Replay You Can Do This: Drive Company Value with an HR Application Network to learn how HR suite solutions that deliver integrated HR, payroll, employee time, and benefits compare to a true application network approach. Steve Pruneau, founder of Free Agent Source, Inc., will discuss how HR application networks can bring best-in-class boutique applications for each HR function from different vendors, based on your company's needs, and reduce vendor lock-in.

This is a time of great opportunity for HR professionals who truly want to make an impact. The evolving vendor vision of the HR technology space has allowed us to grow our capabilities far beyond the legacy role, which was defined by employee data extraction and storage; policing conflict in a rules-based, hierarchical environment; and administering the predictable terms of the old social contract. This webinar explores:

  • A new perspective on the role of HR that drives value at your company
  • A vendor strategy for selecting HR applications
  • Ways for you to implement an application network
  • And much more!