A single automated hiring solution that meets all your needs from sourcing, screening, and hiring to onboarding — sound too good to be true? It’s not with Kronos® Workforce Talent Acquisition. 

Distributed Hiring with Workforce Talent Acquisition

High volume, distributed hiring, and centralized, requisition-based recruiting in one unified end-to-end solution. Using a traditional requisition-based hiring solution to fit your high-volume, distributed hiring needs just doesn’t work. Why?

  • Quantity of positions and candidates are generally higher
  • Hiring is location based vs. centralized
  • Positions are application-driven and not resume-driven
  • Positions tend to be evergreen or “always hiring” as opposed to requisition-based
  • Hiring processes and job searching need to be simple and fast for both hiring managers and candidates

Use hiring automation software to replace manual, time-consuming, and error-prone processes wherever possible. Eliminate the administrative costs, delays, and errors associated with manual rekeying and paper-based processes. Keep your hiring managers on the floor, where their presence really counts, and hire the right people, who begin producing much faster.

Our many years of experience working with a wide range of customers across various industries means we’re the best choice for companies with distributed hiring needs. The Kronos Workforce Talent Acquisition solution caters specifically to the challenges faced by your hiring managers while ensuring that your candidates enjoy the most efficient, seamless, and favorable experience possible.