Time theft is one of the largest hidden business costs. Learn how an automated workforce solution provides data visibility to detect and reduce time theft.

Employee overstatement of time worked is likely costing your company money. From punching in early or punching out late to buddy punching or not recording extended meal breaks, these activities can go undetected without manager visibility into time and attendance information.

Detecting a Widespread but Hidden Business Cost: Time Theft

As outlined in this article, there are viable strategies for reducing time theft and gaining better control of your labor costs:

  • Discover the five steps you can take to curb time fraud and employees gaming the system
  • Learn how automating time and attendance processes can help you detect time fraud
  • See how real-time visibility into employee hours can help identify frequent early or late arrivals, long or missed breaks, unusual overtime trends, missed and late punches, and other potential signs of time theft

Download this informative article to learn how an automated Kronos® workforce management solution can give you data visibility to identify payroll activity that can signal time theft.

“Kronos real-time solutions enable us to manage time errors when they happen, not a week or two later.”

Thomas Steele, Chief Financial Officer
Texas Book Company