Deliver the technology experience your employees expect and learn what you should be doing to meet the needs of your logistics workforce.

Join us as we discuss recent Gartner research that provides key findings on how to prepare yourself for the future of workforce management.

Delivering the Technology Experience Your Logistics Employees Expect Webinar Replay

In this webinar, you will learn the importance of leveraging next-generation applications to better manage the evolving needs of your logistics workforce and stay future-proof. Discover how workforce management (WFM) technology can deliver the experience both your employees and managers expect. View the webinar to learn what you should be doing today:

  • Enhance the employee experience with consumer-grade apps and features that allow them to work their way
  • Empower managers with automated decision-making capabilities so they can spend more time on high-priority projects and on the floor with employees and customers
  • Support the future of work through new technology platforms that are evolving to be cloud- and mobile-native and easily integrate with your existing technology
  • See an example of what this new technology looks like for a logistics workforce

View this informative webinar to learn more about how you can prepare for the future.

In the report Gartner recommends that application leaders, "Work with operations, finance, procurement and HR leaders to ensure that their organization's WFM requirements reflect an updated and holistic perspective that incorporates the needs of workers, managers, administrative staff and executives."*