Crisis Management

How automated scheduling can help public safety agencies with emergency staffing and cost recovery

Public safety agencies need sufficient staffing during a crisis or event. Learn how Workforce TeleStaff™ provides the right coverage quickly through automated staff notification and scheduling and detailed reporting on staff hours for faster reimbursement.

Manual scheduling and notification systems can challenge public safety agencies in responding quickly with the right personnel during an emergency and correctly tracking staff time and allocating it to the right cost center.

More about this white paper

This white paper discusses how an automated scheduling solution such as Workforce TeleStaff can help public safety agencies communicate quickly to fill open positions during a crisis and provide an accurate accounting of labor expenses for total cost recovery. Some of these benefits include:

  • Using automated communication tools to quickly relay staffing needs to appropriately skilled personnel
  • Delivering inbound and outbound communication via multiple methods
  • Tracking all employee hours, skills, and certifications for reporting, deployment, and reimbursement
  • Supporting compliance with regulations and collective bargaining agreements

Download this informative piece to learn more about the benefits of using an automated scheduling solution and discover how the Denver Police Department and Escambis County EMS used Workforce TeleStaff to streamline crisis scheduling and reimbursement.

“Our use of the Kronos TeleStaff solution was a key to our planning for and managing the outside agency personnel staffing process.”

Chief Gerald Whitman
Denver Police Department