Creating Your Project Team For Kronos Workforce Ready

Discover the steps you need to take to assure a successful deployment, starting with a strong partnership — a partnership that inspires the project team’s full engagement and empowers everyone to understand goals, success criteria, and project timelines, and fosters an open line of communication between your internal team and the Kronos® Services team.

In this practical guide, you’ll understand how staffing your project team properly is critical to achieving a successful deployment of your Kronos Workforce Ready solution.

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Creating Your Project Team For Kronos Workforce Ready shows you how to move forward with confidence. You’ll discover important steps including developing a partnership between your internal team and your Kronos services team, setting expectations for success, and gaining a shared understanding of how the build-out of your Kronos solution is being constructed for your business.

You’ll also see details about the key players you need to enlist, including:

  • Project manager — the pillar of your internal team, and the primary team member for supporting Workforce Ready® for your business post deployment
  • Executive sponsor — your internal project champion who supports your internal team throughout your deployment
  • Training lead — your system supervisor who facilitates user adoption throughout your organization.
  • Technical lead — your lead IT representative who contributes valuable technical insight during every phase of the deployment


Download Creating Your Project Team For Kronos Workforce Ready for the important information you need to feel confident about your deployment.