This is the first webinar in the HR of Today Series showcasing thought leaders who create powerful HR strategies.

This series will highlight the effective uses of current trends in HR, best practices for impressing new hires and encouraging retention, strategies for making practical improvements in organizational design, and effective methods to combat time theft.

Create an Employee Onboarding Framework

Replay Create an Employee Onboarding Framework: Impress Your New Hires! to learn why improving your onboarding process can make a dramatic difference in how your business will perform in the long term. Presented by Stan Triepels, Founder and CEO of ChiefOnboarding, this webinar will go over everything that's needed to create a complete employee onboarding framework, including:

  • How the pre-boarding process works
  • What your new hire's first day should and should not contain
  • How to create a welcoming environment for your new hire
  • How to keep iterating and improving on the onboarding experience

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