There’s no room for error with compliance. Learn how to navigate complex employment regulations and create a compliance strategy that lowers your risk.

Due to a lack of federal guidance, many state legislatures have enacted state laws to support new labor initiatives that range from paid sick and parental leave rules to state payroll taxes and predictive scheduling changes and more.

Compliance Matters: How New Laws Are Affecting Your Bottom Line

The downside for businesses is that complying with these new laws means they must incorporate new rules into their processes to ensure each mandate is accurately reflected in employee paychecks and is trackable in the case of an audit. Additionally, companies may incur reputational harm and public image issues that can arise from noncompliance and impact their ability to attract and retain quality talent.

During this informative webinar, Compliance Matters: How New Laws Are Affecting Your Bottom Line, our compliance expert will address such critical issues as the:

  • Current state of federal labor regulations and the increase in state regulations
  • Labor laws you need to stay on top of and the potential consequences of failing to do so
  • Best approaches your organization can take to prepare for compliance changes and be proactive in your compliance strategy

You'll also learn how to create a compliance strategy that includes an HR technology solution to help you minimize risk, improve productivity, and enhance the employee experience.

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