Compliance for Everyone: Key Rules and Regulations Datasheet

Compliance rules and regulations affect your entire workforce.

Without the proper insights, information, and tools, you could put your organization at risk for unnecessary compliance litigation and hefty fines.

As a premium vendor for workforce management compliance, Kronos® can help you apply appropriate policies and rules consistently, fairly, and accurately across hourly and salaried employees alike. When you partner with Kronos, you'll have access to the data and automation that will improve the operational performance of your entire workforce so you can stay current on proposed compliance changes, updates to existing regulations, and the roll-out of new regulations.

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This datasheet details a helpful list of compliance rules and regulations, including those regarding:

  • Meal and rest breaks
  • OSHA laws
  • Overtime complexities
  • Paid leave laws
  • Pay equity laws
  • Wage statement laws
  • Affordable Care Act
  • Foreign labor laws
  • Private Attorneys General Act
  • State and local withholding and reciprocity

Download this datasheet today to learn more about how Kronos can help your organization streamline compliance management.