Student employees are an invaluable resource for colleges and universities. Managing this workforce has traditionally been complex, but it doesn’t have to be.

Clocking in on Campus

Nearly four out of five college and university students have a part-time job. Students who work 10 to 15 hours, and are employed on campus, are more likely to persevere and earn degrees. However, managing student employees can be a complex process. Scheduling and recording hours worked is time consuming — and complying with federal and state labor laws, particularly around minimum wage and overtime when a student works multiple jobs, can be a nightmare for managers.

Kronos helps colleges move beyond outdated paper-based operations by offering cloud-based solutions to automate time-consuming, disjointed processes — meeting student expectations for a convenient experience while streamlining staff management across every department. The Kronos suite of workforce solutions helps campus leaders improve productivity and meet student and university needs through mobility, self-service functions and real-time visibility. 

Kronos leverages the mobile devices students rely on to streamline HR and staff functions. Student employees can access schedules, edit and approve timecards, and request time off — all from a mobile device. 

Download this document to learn more about how Kronos solutions can help colleges manage the student workforce.