The 2019 APA State of Payroll study examines the business impact of payroll and illustrates how the role is being transformed from tactical to strategic.

Historically, organizations have viewed payroll solely as a tactical function and payroll professionals have struggled to demonstrate how they can deliver strategic value.

Changing the Perception of Payroll

But times are changing. More organizations are investing in efforts to track KPIs and measure the business impact of internal processes — including payroll. Significant changes to state labor regulations like minimum wage increases and mandatory family and medical leave, as well as federal proposals to change the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) overtime threshold and the W-4 format, are putting payroll at the forefront of an organization's compliance strategy.

This eBook highlights the critical findings of the 2019 State of Payroll study — conducted in February 2019 by the American Payroll Association on behalf of Kronos. The study explores how organizations measure the business impact of payroll, and examines payroll's shift from a tactical, back-office function to that of a critical, strategic contributor.