Building the Plant of the Future

In the near future, manufacturers will face a period of the most "transformative, most disruptive" change in recent memory. This transformation will be fueled by massive changes in demographics, IT systems, and factory automation.

For example, mass customization presents manufacturers with the ability to move from the old concept of "one size fits all" to offering personalized products. At the same time, consumers want instant gratification.

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Changes like these are causing manufacturers to seek increased visibility into their supply chains so that they can cope with demands for tighter production cycles, deliver high-quality products that are becoming more technically challenging, and do so at a competitive cost.

Are you ready for the next industrial revolution? Can you envision the plant of the future?

Of course, manufacturing will incorporate more automation, but people and intellect will remain very important components of manufacturing. People, process, and technology will still matter, but societal and technological trends are leading manufacturing from its old emphasis on standardization and repeatability in largely isolated production facilities to a connected "intelligent factory."

Download this white paper to discover four macro trends in manufacturing and to get a glimpse of the plant of the future.

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