Your human capital management technology should reflect your culture. Learn the four key decision factors to consider when choosing HCM technology.

A 2018 HR Impact Study of 500-plus organizations — conducted by Aptitude Research Partners and discussed in the Building a Decision report — provides valuable background information for understanding these key factors when evaluating HCM technology.

Building a Decision Report

The report outlines the four areas to focus on when making HCM technology decisions:

  • BUSINESS REQUIREMENTS: Retaining key talent is the most important human capital management priority, according to the survey. Work to understand the source of retention issues and which components of HCM technology can solve these issues.
  • EMPLOYEE EXPERIENCE: Easy-to-use HCM technology that provides a consistent, collaborative experience can improve the employee experience.
  • TECHNOLOGY EXPERIENCE: True technology integration is more efficient and accurate and provides better security and data protection.
  • PROVIDER RELATIONSHIP: Choose a technology partner that is at the leading edge in technology development and customer support, factors that support technology adoption and utilization and employee engagement.

Building your decision about HCM technology can be easier when you use the report’s handy Decision Framework template to evaluate technology solutions, helping you to choose the right HCM technology solution for your organization.

Download this informative piece to learn more about how to make well-informed HCM technology decisions.