Antiquated systems can reduce school staff motivation. Learn how automating workforce management can boost employee engagement and student performance.

Many school districts are discovering that workforce management automation not only delivers vast efficiencies, but also helps employees at all levels feel more supported and engaged in their work, creating an environment where students can thrive.

Boosting Employee Engagement in K-12 Schools

This white paper explores the issues behind school staff disengagement and its warning signs — and illustrates how Baldwin County Public Schools in Alabama has used a Kronos® workforce management solution to eliminate endless paperwork that interfered with staff interaction with students. By automating its processes, Baldwin County Public Schools enables:

  • Teachers to submit leave requests in the Kronos solution from anywhere
  • Administrators to create timely reports on personnel attendance, staffing needs, and more
  • Employees to easily track their extra-duty hours for automatic calculation
  • Substitutes to check in on Kronos kiosks to accurately track their time and get paid faster
  • The district to realize more than $275,000 in leave liability savings

Download this informative piece to learn more about how school districts can improve employee engagement with automated workforce management.

"I think technology improves employee engagement by really allowing an employee to spend less time on paper and pencil tasks. Employee engagement means people are there and they are interested in doing what's right for kids. Because really that's the reason all of us are there."

Jennifer Sinclair, Director of HR
Baldwin County Public Schools