In-store observation, or sampling, is a method for collecting data on customer experience success metrics that’s ideal for measuring the success of the labor model.

Best Practices: Measuring Success of the Retail Labor Model

Sampling allows retailers to measure how successful the labor model is in meeting customer experience expectations. The results delivered by sampling initiatives help the labor and workforce management teams define focus areas for improvement.

In order to accurately measure the customer experience and build an effective labor model, three types of sampling should be considered:

  • Work sampling
  • Customer service sampling
  • Operational sampling

Store sampling provides retailers with both quantitative and qualitative insights that cannot be replicated in any other form of customer experience measurement. Sampling data allows retailers to fine-tune their labor model. Retailers can build the discipline internally or procure third-party services to perform sampling and analyze the results.

“The retail labor model enables businesses to achieve the defined customer experience. Retailers should strongly consider using store sampling as a method for measuring the success of the labor model at achieving the desired experience.”

Steve Strohecker

Retail Strategic Advisor

Kronos Incorporated