Outsourcing a crucial function such as payroll may have seemed like a good option at some point, but it can be fraught with issues and costs not anticipated at the outset. Now, with the availability of advanced in-house payroll systems in the cloud, processing payroll in-house is much easier and more achievable than before.

Benefits of DIY Payroll Outweigh Outsourcing

Using an in-house payroll solution doesn’t mean it’s all or nothing. You can select the tasks that you feel comfortable performing in-house, or that provide the biggest benefit, and outsource the rest. You may decide to perform the bulk of your payroll processing in-house but elect to outsource tax filing, check printing, or wage garnishment processing. 

When done right, outsourcing can be a positive business decision; the key is distinguishing which tasks to outsource and which to keep in-house. With the HR and payroll function important to retaining your most valued asset — your employees — keeping this function in-house allows you to maintain control over such a critical part of your business.

This data sheet includes details on the advantages of integrating time and attendance with payroll and a mini case study. Download it now to learn more about in-house payroll systems in the cloud, and how to evaluate your own best-fit solution.