Bankadelics Podcast: Making Customers and Employees Feel Special

UKG financial services industry experts, Kevin Steel, Drew Fritz, and John Kelly discuss how banks interact with customers, utilize data, and manage the workforce to deliver a positive customer experience.

This Bankadelic podcast talks about managing a retail banking workforce in the current and post COVID era. Industry professionals discuss complex issues that banks face and how technology and processes can be leveraged to most effectively create safe and healthy workplaces while maintaining business continuity.

More about this podcast

Topics discussed during the podcast include:

  • Business continuity, digital transformation, the future of work, and banking tools to deliver a positive customer experience
  • Digital transformation initiatives that are helping financial institutions improve account holder satisfaction, cost efficiencies, and profitability
  • How to get the most use out of the resources you have while keeping customers happy
  • Empowering the workforce while increasing productivity

Listen to this podcast to learn more about UKG Banking solutions.