Consumer-based technology products deliver a simple, intuitive, and easy-to-understand user experience. For business applications, however, functionality always trumped ease, and the user experience was typically complex, difficult, and boring.

B2C is a Beacon for B2B: How Consumer-based Technology is Reshaping Enterprise Workforce Management Software

Recognizing the value proposition of consumer oriented technologies — that users don’t have to sacrifice functionality for ease — Kronos is fundamentally rethinking the way business application software is designed, defining a new generation of workforce management tools for today’s tech-savvy “business consumer.” Designed around three breakthrough capabilities: Instant Engagement, Guided Decisions, and Mobile Management — the new generation of Kronos workforce management software changes the way organizations manage their workforces.

  • Instant Engagement delivers what today’s generation of users demand most in their workplace tools: intuitive, portable, and customizable applications that are easy to learn and easy to use.
  • Guided Decisions improves efficiency by leading users through a series of high-probability options that they might not otherwise have had the time or the ability to find on their own, increasing the speed and quality of decisions that impact an organization’s success.
  • Mobile Management empowers managers and employees alike by enabling real-time, bidirectional communication that keeps them connected to each other and to their workforce management system, while providing more flexibility in managing personal preferences in balance with organizational needs.