Automating Time and Attendance for Staffing Agencies

This solution guide provides an overview of the benefits of Kronos time and attendance solutions.

Staffing agencies need accurate employee time tracking. Learn how Kronos automated time and attendance solutions simplify labor tracking, engage your workforce while controlling labor costs, minimize compliance risk, and improve workforce productivity.

Having insight into when agency and client staff are working is important to improving your bottom line. This insight also helps eliminate timekeeping errors and excessive overtime and supports workplace fairness and employee engagement.

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Using a Kronos automated time and attendance solution can help staffing agencies:

  • Track employee time more efficiently and accurately
  • Control labor costs and reduce payroll errors
  • Create a culture of compliance and fairness
  • Increase productivity and financial strength

Download this informative piece to learn more about how Kronos time and attendance solutions can support your staffing agency.

“The Workforce Ready® solution is extremely robust and customizable, allowing us to adapt to client requests. We haven’t had to increase headcount in any way to handle a client with more than 600 employees. With the processes we had before, we would have had to hire at least two payroll people and an administrator.”

William Hills, VP and General Counsel
United Staffing