Automated On-Call Scheduling: Technology that Delivers

Manual on-call scheduling can be frustrating. Learn how automated on-call physician scheduling can simplify tasks, improve fairness, and boost morale.

Discover how modern on-call scheduling can streamline administrative tasks and deliver positive return on investment. By increasing scheduling transparency and fairness, on-call physician scheduling technology can improve the physician experience, strengthening physician morale and engagement while reducing physician burnout.

More about this white paper

In this white paper, you'll learn how automated on-call physician scheduling technology can help your organization:

  • Enable scheduling fairness and transparency
  • Maintain compliance with staffing regulations pertaining to on-call clinicians
  • Reduce physician burnout and increase morale
  • Simplify processes through automated rules-based schedule creation
  • Ensure real-time staff access to schedules and easily communicate schedule changes

With on-call scheduling technology, your schedule can be maintained and published in a central system that can be easily accessed online at any time, from anywhere. Having ready access to staff's contact preferences, scheduling staff can quickly contact on-call staff to help ensure compliance with staffing regulations relative to on-call physicians. Stored rules, scheduling algorithms, and a single source of truth of who is on call across your organization helps reduce scheduling errors, ultimately decreasing time-to-treatment and optimizing patient care.

Download this informative piece to learn more about the many benefits of using on-call physician scheduling technology at your hospital or medical center.