Attracting a New Generation of Payroll Pros Can Be a Challenge

Article explores how an HCM solution can help attract, manage, and retain new payroll talent.

It can be a challenge to attract new payroll talent, but incorporating HCM technology can enhance the employee experience — and your bottom line.

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To appeal to this new generation of workers, you must emphasize not only payroll processing itself but also what makes payroll exciting — and how they can start and grow a career. After all, producing employee paychecks in a timely and cost-efficient manner requires the same foundational skills as running the organization’s main operations and can potentially lead to bigger and better things.

Another reason for bringing new talent on board now is that baby boomer and Gen X payroll professionals are starting to think about retirement and must transfer their knowledge and skills to the next wave of workers before they leave. These new workers are largely millennials and Generation Zers, whose overall philosophy toward work is centered on a need for learning and development, feeling valued, and working for a purpose.

Because of this, employers need to be invested in delivering a positive employee experience — and using advanced technology is the best way to deliver it. From streamlining recruiting and interviewing to easing daily processing and offering more challenging work, your organization’s level of technology is one of the most important elements of attracting and retaining an engaged and productive workforce.

Implementing a unified human capital management (HCM) solution such as that offered by Kronos® can better prepare your organization for attracting, managing, measuring, and retaining new talent. HCM solutions help simplify the entire employee lifecycle from pre-hire to retire, creating stronger efficiencies and greater satisfaction not for just employees but for your entire organization as well.

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