Attendance Insight Dashboard Datasheet

Controlling the impact of unplanned absenteeism with deeper visibility into what's actually happening in your workforce.

Unplanned worker absences and tardiness significantly impact your organization, causing lost productivity, reduced employee engagement, higher costs, and increased compliance risk. The resulting lost productivity leads to increased operating costs and reduced revenue, which mean less money to reinvest in your business. To control the impact of unplanned absenteeism, you need to see what’s really happening in your workforce.

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You want insight into when and where unplanned absences are occurring and you want a better understanding of the patterns across your workforce. Are all supervisors complying with attendance policies? Who’s enforcing policies — and who isn’t?  And what are the overtime costs associated with absence?

The Attendance Insight Dashboard, featured in the Workforce Analytics™ application, can help. Included as part of Workforce Analytics, this solution visualizes attendance data so you can easily spot outliers, detect trends, and identify which managers are not complying with attendance policies. The dynamic, interactive dashboard combines the power of visualization with the valuable attendance data in the Workforce Absence Manager™ application to deliver visibility into attendance issues. Armed with insights into the trends and patterns of employee absence in your organization, you’ll better understand how your workforce truly functions — including what you’re doing right and what you might need to address — to achieve increased productivity, improved employee engagement, and competitive advantage.