Summer Forecast: Sunny With A High Probability of Absence

Employee absence can impact productivity. Find out how to manage your workforce when the forecast calls for sunny with a high probability of absence.

Kronos Workforce Ready® provides an effective way to manage absenteeism is with an automated solution that provides a clear understanding of all areas of absenteeism.

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A sunny forecast can mean increased unplanned absences in the workplace. But with a clear understanding of absenteeism, supervisors, finance, HR, and payroll can better manage compliance, recognize absenteeism trends and abuses, and, ultimately, control the costs associated with absenteeism. Key benefits include:

  • Consistent policy enforcement to minimize employee grievances and absenteeism
  • Powerful time and labor tools to reduce the direct and indirect costs of absence
  • Complete, real-time visibility into who’s in, who’s out, and how the work gets done

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“Kronos Workforce Ready’s attendance point system helps us monitor absenteeism better than before.”

Vicki Bergendal, IT/Help Desk Coordinator
Maple Leaf Cheesemakers