Are You Ready for the New Retail Normal?

How Kronos Task is helping retailers navigate these challenging times.

Read "Are You Ready for the New Retail Normal?" to learn which questions retailers should be asking as you transition into a new era of business as usual.

Tap into the Kronos retail community’s expertise to learn which questions to ask to ensure you’re ready to keep your people and customers safe while staying compliant with fast-changing regulations.

More about this white paper

We’ve been listening closely to retail customers and documenting their experiences, concerns, and advice on how to transition into the new normal. Compiled here for you, these questions are designed to help you assess your policies, procedures, and routines for the months to come.

Explore critical retail questions related to the new normal:

  • Health and safety: What policies will you establish regarding Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)? Will masks and gloves be required or optional, and will your stores provide them?
  • Speed of service: What options will you offer for curbside pickup and drive-up service? How will you ensure these processes are smooth and safe?
  • Execution and consistency: With fewer associates doing more things, personalization will be more important than ever. How will you target communications and tasks to the exact role intended?

Prepare to move your business forward with this informative resource compiled with authentic conversations we’ve had with retailers like you.