An increasingly complex regulatory landscape. Natural disasters and extreme weather events. And how is artificial intelligence really impacting employees? To answer these questions, The Workforce Institute has released a new book, “Being Present: A Practical Guide for Transforming the Employee Experience of Your Frontline Workforce.”

In this panel discussion with several of the authors, we’ll focus on the importance of workforce development strategies that will help you grow and keep the talent you need from the front lines to the executive suite.

Are You Ready for the Future of Work? webinar replay

Key takeaways:

  • Education as we know it is being transformed from the ground up and has a significant impact on the candidates you’re seeing today and will see in the years to come. Learn how trends from gaming to micro-credentials are shaping your candidate and should be shaping your workforce development strategies.
  • Performance management is the secret sauce that keeps your employees growing and engaged. Transforming from an annual paperwork exercise to dynamic ongoing conversations is the key to making it effective.
  • Your leaders can’t drive the development and growth of your workforce unless you’re helping them develop those skills. We’ll discuss effective approaches to executive development as well as ways to hold them accountable for building their leadership skills.