Do you speak Gen Z? Learn what makes this up-and-coming part of your workforce tick — and how understanding their unique viewpoints and expectations can help you strengthen your operations.

Join Retail TouchPoints and Joyce Maroney, founder and executive director of the Workforce Institute at Kronos for this on-demand webinar, and hear Joyce present new, groundbreaking research on the needs and desires of Gen Z in the workplace.

Are You Gen Z Ready? On-Demand Webinar

Discover what you need to know to manage this promising population of workers in Are You Gen Z Ready? where you'll explore:

  • The challenges and opportunities of managing Gen Z workers: See how to prepare your business for the Gen Z insistence on fairness and equality.
  • The surprising findings of the extensive new research: Discover how Gen Z employees want to be managed and the corporate culture they envision.
  • Insights you can apply to your retail operation: Hear the details on how to be aligned with the Gen Z expectation of access and flexibility through technology.

Replay Are You Gen Z Ready — the webinar that slaps* and will prepare you to attract, develop, motivate, and engage this new generation of workers.