The manufacturing landscape is primed for innovation — the role of big data and new technologies is exponentially increasing, while workforces are tackling the challenge of a growing skills gap. Complexity of products and the accelerating crush of data that manufacturing companies manage is forcing manufacturers to change — and change quickly. Top of mind is how to make sense of all the data and harness it for better decision-making.

Adapt Your Labor Management Strategy to Manufacturing's Data-Driven Future

Leading companies are adapting to this new data-driven world through better management of their data and the workforce that must use and understand it. Hear from industry experts to learn how Best-in-Class companies are developing and acquiring the right skillsets, capabilities and tools to manage increasing product complexity and growing information demands.

What will you take away from the webinar?

  • What it means to be a data-driven manufacturer of the future and how you can get there
  • Tips on how to make sense of all the data and then prioritize your resources to get the most out of your operations
  • What leading manufacturers are doing to cultivate analytical skillsets in their workforce and hire with data-driven manufacturing in mind
  • Insight into key challenges and trends, along with supporting data from Aberdeen Group industry surveys
  • It’s not just about hiring the right analytical talent, it’s also about managing the talent you have to be most productive, because that talent will be harder and harder to come by in the future (this is where Kronos solutions really can help — optimizing workforce productivity)