Absenteeism Wreaks Havoc on Global Retailers: Is Technology the Answer? Infographic

A global survey of 800 retail managers reveals the wide ranging impact of employee absence.

Retail industry absenteeism is a global issue. Learn how absenteeism impacts retailers and how self-service workforce management tools can help.

Managing unplanned absences is one of retailers' biggest workforce management challenges, according to the 2018 Global Retail Absence Survey by The Workforce Institute™ at Kronos. Absenteeism can erode morale, reduce productivity, and create headaches for managers.

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Survey respondents share their views on the impact of absenteeism across their organization:

  • 88% of retailers globally say they add employee hours in anticipation of unexpected absences
  • 58% globally view absenteeism as impacting productivity; 41% say it affects revenue
  • 57% say lack of employee engagement can lead to unplanned employee absences
  • A majority believe a self-service workforce management solution would reduce unplanned absences, staff turnover, and manager stress while improving productivity and customer experience

Download this informative piece to learn more about how absenteeism is affecting global retailers and how technology can deliver positive changes.

"The corrosive effects of absenteeism can swiftly knock retailers' plans off course and erode performance potential. How you minimize and manage absence is critical to staying on target, and it starts with understanding employee preferences, availability, and making scheduling easy. After all, employees who are empowered by self-service workforce management technology will be happier, have fewer instances of absence, be more productive, and have a longer tenure."
–Joyce Maroney, Executive Director, The Workforce Institute at Kronos