When your employees aren’t at work, they can’t accomplish the objectives you set for them or make money for the company. Bottom line, employee absence is a real problem. Enter Kronos® Workforce Absence Manager™. The solution that works with Workforce Central® to help you control the costs of employee absence. Minimize compliance risk. And improve workforce productivity.

Absence Management Solution Guide

Three Reasons You Need Kronos Workforce Absence Manager

  • Control Labor Cost. Did you know that, on average, 35 percent of payroll is associated with employee absence? This number represents direct costs — to pay absent employees — as well indirect costs such as lost productivity and the hiring of replacement workers. You need to be able to see trends in absenteeism so you can contain its costs.
  • Minimize Compliance Risk. Without the systematic means to manage all forms of employee absence, you risk failing to comply with government regulations and collective bargaining agreements. This can lead to Department of Labor violations, lawsuits, or union grievances. And employee-relations problems can result in low morale and costly turnover. You need to be able to manage all your absence-related policies so you can manage the impact of these risks.
  • Improve Workforce Productivity. Employee absence kills productivity.  You need to be able to shine a light on workers with attendance issues, so you can take action. And reduce the toll employee absence takes on your organization.